Navy Seawolves
Munford, TN Event
by Don Jacobs

First I want to give a special thank you to the Seawolves that showed up in Munford, Tn. for their Celebration of Service and Sacrifice. We had about Wolves show up Tuesday evening to have dinner and visit. Randy McKee brought a few people for dinner and we had a great time with them.

Wednesday they put up a tent and we grabbed it before someone else did. About 1530 Wednesday afternoon the motorcycles started rolling into the park escorting the Moving Wall. This was a very exciting and moving feeling as the Wall came into the park. One thing I believe made it extra special this was the Wall out of Texas that Mama Knocker had pulled around.

After everything was parked some of the neighbors at the park had a competition barbeque stand come and set up and furnished free barbeque to everyone. Thursday morning they furnished a free breakfast at the park for everyone.

At about 0730 the Wall started getting set up. At 1200 hrs. the dedication was beautifully done. The rest of Thursday and Friday were open for visiting and telling about the Seawolves.

Saturday morning began by meeting at the park at 0800 hrs. and Marie Leduc and Cheryl Rogers fixed us up some red carnations. At 0900 hrs. we were getting ready to start at the east end of the Wall when we heard about Patches. After a couple of minutes we started going along the Wall placing a flower, touch the name, and salute each and every one of our brothers on the Wall. This was extremely touching for me and i'm sure for everyone else there.

At 1200 hrs. the speeches and so forth started. Randy McKee said a few words and presented Captain Roy Cash Jr. along with Command Master Chief D. E. Williams. Captain Cash gave us his speech and ended it with reciting That Ragged Ole Flag which he co-wrote with Johnny Cash, his Uncle. Then Command Master Chief spoke.

Mike Dobson and I went up on stage and presented them both with signed books of Fire in the Sky, and a challenge coin. They presented the Association with a beautifully made helicopter with slots on the front to hold challenge coins. They also presented us with a folded American Flag that was flown over Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Millington, Tn. on October 25, 2013. We also got a picture of the Flag Flying, and a presentation plaque.

A few things they had planned didn't happen, but it was still fantastic. We also had 5 Seawolves do the closing ceremony Saturday evening at 1800 hrs. This has to be one of the most moving parts of my life as a Seawolf. We had about thirty signatures on the books, and the other 29 that were there with me mad me feel so proud it's unexplainable. I know I probably missed something or two. If I did please don't hesitate to correct me.

Thank you all my brothers, and God bless each and every one of you.