Navy Seawolves
Too Hot For A Slick!
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The scale is 1/35th which is a popular military modeling scale. The PBR is from Tamiya and the Huey is from Model Rectifier Corp, kit #BA104 and is around 14" long. Actual building time was 3-4 months. I was suprised how relatively fast it went together. Even with jumping the gun in a couple of places during construction that I had to keep fixing.

The skids have pins running through them up just past the center of the fuselage and down into the tubes in the railing of the PBR. I also took out the molded engine compartment screen and replaced it with screen from wire ribbon so the engine is visible.

Though it can't be seen in the photos, there is a bullet hole through the bottom of the floor right behind the pilot's seat.

The rocket tubes are brass and sized to match the kit's rockets and required a tiny bit of reaming to fit the rocket tube brackets. Then I trimmed off the contacts at the end of the kit rockets and reattached them to the tubes. Three of the 4 Huey figures are pretty much stock. The PBR was only modified at the back where I had to place support tubes for the Huey.

The Seawolf emblem came from Squadron/Signal "Riverine"

I had to build the base out of plexiglass storm window since I couldn't find a picture frame deep enough. The water is Liquid Nails caulking over a piece of plexiglass as well as the three bullet splashes. There is also a piece of aluminum foil under the water for reflection purposes.

My references pretty much from Dan Kelly's book "Seawolves First Choice" and the Squadron/Signal "Riverine" book. The only thing I wasn't sure about is the ICU jack locations inside the Huey.

Will Snyder