Navy Seawolves
Det 7
Det 7 was at Binh Thuy until June 1969, and operated from a small helo pad out by the river in front of the enlisted barracks. It was just the SEALS, the PBR guys, Seawolves and a few of the FASU Binh Thuy enlisted. The pad had two trailers on it for the Officers and one for the enlisted. They were separated by a walkway with the corrugated steel used for a roof, and the whole thing was surrounded by wire. In April of 1969, the Seabee Detachment finished enough of the new base across the street, so the Det moved over there. We still went back to the old base to eat. We left mid June 1969 for Tay Ninh for what was supposed to be a short time. It ended up being permanent. In 1970, Det 7 moved to Dong Tam and was there until standdown.